Meet Ann Rice

Part of something bigger

“I didn’t know anyone or anything,” Ann Rice remembers about retiring and moving to San Diego. “I suddenly had no routine. It was a big adjustment. I was looking for some structure and some friends. My son said I should try the Y.”

That first day, she found both when she wandered into Corrie’s Hi-Low Cardio class at Mission Valley Y. “Everyone was friendly, and I could see myself doing healthy things and having a routine,” she said.

Three times a week for several years now, Ann and a group of regulars have a lot of fun while staying healthy. They celebrate birthdays and holidays, meet for lunch and look out for one another. “We are so proud of our oldest members,” she says. “At 88 and 89, they are models for us! It’s an amazing group. There are a lot of people younger than I, and Corrie is good at reminding people to stay with a level that is good for them. She says, ‘you know yourself, and this is your workout. Just make sure you challenge yourself.’”

bagAnn and many in her group have become loyal supporters of the Y, as well. “I didn’t really pay attention at first, because it was just about the exercise for me,” she admits. “But I have learned more about the programs the Y supports, including homeless youth and subsidizing kids for summer programs and child care. That’s why I donate. I use the facility all the time. I am part of it. When I learned I could help kids, I really became convinced I wanted to donate. I just think the world of the Y. It makes me feel good to be part of an organization that is such a fantastic community resource.” — posted May 2017