Thank you for your interest in this opportunity, we are currently at capacity and do not have any more spots open.

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Supervisor Jim Desmond and the County of San Diego, Board of Supervisors sponsored 100 participants for a FREE MONTH of GROUP SWIM LESSONS in OCTOBER! Thanks to this generous grant we are able to offer this opportunity to ALL interested swim participants with no eligibility requirements.

Swimming is not only a healthy activity that exercises the entire body - it is a skill that can both save lives and enrich them. Learning how to swim and being comfortable in the water is just as important as learning how to look both ways before crossing a busy street, or knowing what to do in the event of a fire. 

Our swim lessons help develop competency in swimming, alongside confidence and endurance. Instruction is delivered in a caring atmosphere by certified instructors who give students personalized attention and encouragement.

 Thank you to our generous sponsor for the Desmond Grant Swim Lessons through the County Community Enhancement program at the Joe and Mary Mottino Family YMCA.