At the YMCA of San Diego County, we believe all kids deserve the chance to experience the life-changing power of camp. While the COVID-19 virus has challenged us, you’ll find the same high-quality camp experience you’ve come to expect from the Y.

Here are FIVE Reasons to choose the YMCA as your camp provider!


  1. Social Interaction

    Kids have been out of school for 11 months now and the need for social interaction is bigger than ever! According to UC Health, “Studies show that friendships and social connections provide intellectual stimulation and emotional support through hardships.” New experiences, skill building, a sense of community and friendships are all part of our camps. 

  2. Safety

    Our top priority is the health and safety of our campers, their families, our staff and the community. We are working closely with local health officials, the American Camp Association and the CDC to ensure all recommended safety measures are met. Read more about our safety procedures here.

  3. Parent’s Approve

    Parents LOVE the Y! Here’s what parents have said about Y Camp during COVID-19:

    “My child gets to enjoy playing and socializing and not be stuck with me or my husband and work — for 8 hours. We work peacefully knowing all staff and coaches at the YMCA are professional and caring to all the kids ... I KNOW my child is SAFE at the YMCA.”

    "So important for her to get off the internet with so much negativity and into the positivity of the Y. She was so bright and happy this week.”

    “My child is an only child, and due to the pandemic, she hadn't interacted with another child in person for months. It was so great for her to be able to safely interact and spend time with other kids, rather than adults. She made friends right away.”

  4. ACA Accredited

    The American Camp Association is the only nationwide organization that accredits children’s camps. The ACA Accreditation process is a commitment by camps to the highest standards of health, safety and program quality.

  5. Top Notch Staff

    Our staff members are seasoned youth development professionals with extensive camp experience and a passion for what they do. We aim to provide the safest, most enriching environment possible for you and your family.

We hope to see you at Y Camp! Learn more about camps at the Y.