We received this awesome email from a Raintree Ranch camper who's studying abroad in Germany, sporting his Pegasus shirt, and is very excited for summer....nothing makes us happier than hearing that!

"I can not wait until next year, i am very excited. I am looking forward to working filling out the application.

Germany is amazing, the people are great and I am meeting many new people and making many new friends. Only down side is the weather. I’m freezing here. Its -2 C during the DAY. That's about 28F. I don’t know how I’ll make it out alive.

On the other hand, I get to ride a horse. My host family owns a horse here named Aida and she is a Hannoveraner Stute and its all English riding here. And when they use terms, I’m so lost. When they say "gallop" or "galloping", it means "canter". And "trap" means "trot" and "schritt" mean "walk". But its really cool and fun. I get to ride every Friday.

In my town, we have so many horses. We have as many horses as people."

Thanks Ian... we'll see you in a few months! Stay Warm!!!!