Arts and Crafts is a staple at camp but maybe not for the reasons you're thinking of. It's a great opportunity to slow down and have campers work on their interpersonal skills. Campers actually have great conversations while working on a project together.

A former camper asked us what use to make our mini surfboard necklaces so we figured we'd give you step-by-step instructions.

Items Needed:
  1. Joining Biscuits - We purchase these from our home improvement store (size #10). They are already in the rough shape of a surfboard!

  2. Sandpaper

  3. A drill & drill bit

  4. Paint

  5. Toothpick

  6. Necklace string

Step 1:

We pre-drill the biscuit joints with small holes so that we can put the lanyard string through. (Kids make sure an adult helps you with the drilling part!)

Step 2:

Use some sandpaper (a small square works just fine) and shape your board! It's hard to see in this photo but this camper placed his square on the table and is rubbing his board across it to shape it.

Step 3:

Paint your board! Notice that we use special little paint trays to separate the trays work well too!

Step 4:

Admire your work so far...and smile!

Step 5:

Let your creation dry. Notice the toothpick!'s great for holding your board without getting wet paint on your fingers and also for allowing your board to dry.

Step 6:

Place your string through the hole and enjoy your necklace, keychain, zipper-pull, whatever you want it to be. Note...this person didn't sand very much, which is why you still see the imprint text.

Extra Picture:

Included this to show you the "carrots"...the other pre-shaped wood cutout that could easily be used to resemble and arrowhead. These can be purchased at craft stores.

SO....that's pretty much it! Have fun making your own boards and we'll see you at camp this summer!