1. You don't go anywhere without your shoes....except the beach.

2. You are used to sand being....EVERYWHERE!!!

3. Your wetsuit is still wet from your Early Bird session.

4. You started throwing shaka's and it just felt normal.

5. You've been woken up by "TJ the Sand Lion" during sleep outs.

6. You've decorated yourself with seaweed.

7. You figured out the easiest way to get your board to the beach is with a friend.

8. You've checked the surf from the top of the tower!

9. You use sunscreen as lotion at home because you miss the smell.

10. You are more excited for Watermen Stew than whatever everyone else is eating for dinner.

11. You know what this means....

12. You know exactly where you're going to sign your name when you finally reach five summers and become a "Jetty Shredder".

13. You secretly wish that restaurants played "WIPEOUT" to signal that it's time for you to clear your table.

14. You go home and keep feeling like you forgot something...your buddy!

15. You automatically say "SURF'S UP, DUDE!" if someone says "YO".

16. You know that PARTY WAVES are THE BEST!

17. You always bring special gear to dress-up as something awesome during camp.

18. You know the only wrong way to apply zinc is...not to.

19. You think, "I don't need a shower today...I jumped in the ocean."

20. You wished camp never ended.