1. Animal walks – crab walk, bunny hop, frog jump, seal walk…

2. Ball pass - around a circle, overhead, under legs.

3. Balloon volleyball.

4. Batting at balls – use a plastic baseball bat.

5. Blow bubbles and pop them by clapping hands together.

6. Blow on harmonicas or whistles.

7. Bouncing on a therapy ball.

8. Carry heavy buckets full of bean bags.

9. Catch and throw heavy balls, bean bags.

10. Chewy or crunchy snacks.

11. Climb up ladders and playground equipment.

12. Crawl on a road made with small carpets, bath mats, rubber mats, sleeping bags.

13. Crawl through tunnels or boxes.

14. Crawl, walk or ride a bike on plastic bubble wrap to make it pop.

15. Cut play-dough or Goo with scissors or a plastic knife.

16. Cut sandpaper, aluminum foil or bubble wrap with scissors.

17. Dig in wet sand, fill buckets and dump out to make sand castles.

18. Draw with chalk on carpet squares and erase by using hands.

19. Feel and match various pieces of material: satin, velvet, corduroy, felt, mohair…

20. Fill plastic eggs with play-dough or Goo.

21. Fill small jars with cotton balls soaked in oils – peppermint, lavender, orange – guess the smell.

22. Find plastic animals hidden in Goo.

23. Finger paint using hands and feet.

24. Finger paint with pudding.

25. Glue rice, beans or gravel in the form of letters or numbers.

26. Hammer golf tees into styrofoam.

27. Hang from a trapeze bar.

28. Hang small rubber ball from ceiling and hit with dowel held with both hands.

29. Hit balloon into the air with dowel held with both hands.

30. Hit tether ball or punching bag.

31. Hold a vibrating pillow or toy.

32. Hold plastic animals upside down and make animal prints in play-dough or Goo.

33. Jump between centers.

34. Jump from a mini trampoline onto a mat or giant pillow.

35. Jump on the bed! 36. Jumping jacks between activities.

37. Kick a soccer ball or big ball.

38. Lay on belly on scooter-board and use hands to move around.

39.Lay on belly on the floor and roll ball across body.

40. Lay on belly over a big ball, put one hand on floor use other hand to throw bean bags.

41. Line up with bean bag on head without dropping.

42. Make balls with play-dough then pound them flat with a fist.

43. Make hand prints in play-dough or Goo.

44. Make mud pies.

45. Make play dough, roll it out and use cookie cutters to make shapes.

46. Make texture books by gluing rough, smooth, hard, and soft fabric shapes on cardboard.

47. March to music.

48. Massage hands with lotion.

49. Match and sort various grades of sandpaper.

50. Mix cornstarch with water in a tray and drive little cars in it to make roads.

51. Move & Sit cushion to sit on at desks or circle time.

52. Paint with feathers, flowers or foil balls

53. Place stickers all over hands, feet, and clothes. Pick off and place on paper.

54. Play Tug of War with ropes, scarves, stretchy bands.

55. Play with tape or contact paper, place on cookie sheet and then pull off.

56. Poke toothpicks in play-dough or Goo, pretend they are birthday candles and blow out.

57. Popcorn Popper - sit in a chair and slowly begin popping up, getting faster, then back to slow.

58. Pound out rhythms on drums made from decorated coffee cans.

59. Pull a heavy wagon.

60. Pulling apart resistant toys – Legos, pop beads.

61. Push a heavy cart full of books.

62. Push against a wall or a person’s hands.

63. Put play-dough in a garlic press and squeeze.

64. Put pudding in a squeeze bottle and squirt into mouth.

65. Put small toys in a cloth bag, reach in and try to guess what they are.

66. Put water colored with food coloring in a spray bottle and spray onto paper.

67. Rock in a rocking chair or on a rocking horse.

68. Rocking Puppies - on all fours, rock back and forth.

69. Roll down a hill.

70. Roll snakes with play-dough or Goo.

71. Roll up in a blanket or carpet.

72. Roll back and forth to put together a puzzle.

73. Run and stop quickly in a repetitive pattern.

74. Sit in a bean bag chair with another one on top.

75. Sit or kneel on a scooter board, hold a hula hoop and be pulled around.

76. Slow rhythmic rocking on belly on therapy ball.

77. Spinning – on swivel chair, sit-n-spin, tire swing.

78. Sprinkle powder or cornstarch on extremities and rub it off.

79. Squeeze ball or fiddle with a “worry stone” as a fidget toy.

80. Squirt shaving cream or whip cream on a table and use a finger to draw shapes.

81. Squish between pillows.

82. Stirring cake batter or pudding.

83. Suck pudding, applesauce or thick milkshakes from a straw.

84. Suck through straws of different widths like curly straws or coffee stirrers.

85. Swing on a swing or in a hammock.

86. Therapy ball as a chair.

87. Thera-tubing on ends of pencils to chew on (check for Latex allergy).

88. Tie a rope to a slide and use it to climb up the slide.

89. Tiptoe walking.

90. Upside down activities- off couch, off lap, on monkey bars, trapeze.

91. Use a big box as a hide-out - fill with pillows, stuffed toys and a flashlight.

92. Use a straw to blow a giant bubble with Goo.

93. Use a straw to blow ping pong balls around the room.

94. Use a straw to suck a piece of fabric and move it into a shallow dish. Be the wind and blow it away.

95. Use liquid glue to make designs or write words and cover with sand or glitter.

96. Walk across a balance beam.

97. Walk with a heavy backpack.

98. Wall or chair push-ups.

99. Wheelbarrow walking.

100. Write or draw with a vibrating pen.

101. Write, draw or color with scented markers or pencils while lying on the floor.