The Rancho Family YMCA recently received a $50,000 gift from Fiske Family Foundation to support the return of the YMCA Adventure Guides Program. The Fiske Family Foundation focuses on creating access to recreational and educational opportunities for all.

Adventure Guides meets the societal need of providing a significant way for busy parents to connect with their children by making memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

“Some of my favorite memories growing up with my family were at Rancho Family YMCA camping trips which is now called Adventure Clubs,” said John Fiske, Founder of Fiske Family Foundation. “It’s such a digital world for not only kids, but parents too with all of the connected devices and electronics. To be able to share an experience out in nature is truly special, and we couldn’t be more proud to support opportunities for more parents and kids to have that special time together.”

The Adventure Guides Program strengthens the relationship and companionship between parents and young children with group activities such as games, crafts, songs, stories and ceremonies, as well as outdoor pursuits, such as camping, hiking and swimming. The one-on-one time in a fun, special environment builds important bonds through shared experiences.

At the heart of the Adventure Guides are the Compass Points:

  • Family: The “true north” of Adventure Clubs that everything centers around.
  • Nature: Directly experiencing and camping in the great outdoors is an integral part of Adventure Clubs.
  • Community: The spirit of Adventure Clubs is strongest when belonging to a community — known as the “Circle”.
  • Fun: The magic ingredient that makes each Adventure Club a memory to last a lifetime.

“This is a very exciting grant because this generous donation will help start a new parent-child program, with the child as the explorer and the parent as the guide,” said Blaze Zarev, Executive Director of the Rancho Family YMCA. “The program is designed to encourage further interaction between parents and children in a fun, special environment builds important bonds through shared experiences away from digital devices to experience nature like camping, hiking and swimming.”

In Adventure Guides, parents and children develop healthy relationships, gain a sense of belonging and learn the importance of giving back to the community through one-on-one interactions with other families and community service projects.

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