At YMCA Childcare Resource Service, we provide a multi-dimensional approach to caring for children. Through various programs, we ensure parents can continue to work, provide for their families, and grow their earning potential. We give children a chance they deserve to thrive and prepare for a successful academic career and open the doors to education, training and technical assistance for child care professionals to improve the quality of their services.



Quality care has a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn, grow and build healthy relationships. We are committed to supporting child care providers throughout the course of their professional journey.



Families should have affordable access to quality child care settings that enable them to work and provide for their children, and engage them as their children’s most important teachers. Through our programs that subsidize child care payments, over 5900 families are on their way to achieve economic stability and mobility.



Every family is different and many face more than just economic challenges. Imagine the added challenge when families face obstacles like a child living with behavioral or developmental challenges. Although the needs of every family vary, one thing is clear: it is all of our responsibility to prepare children for bright futures.


Education on quality care is key to ensuring child care needs are met. Families receive consumer education materials and resources on identifying quality programs and support in creating a child care plan. Also, families who have children with special needs use our enhanced referral service. As a result, logistical obstacles are overcome that occur regularly in their search for care.



Families need safe and reliable afterschool care and kids need a place where they can forge relationships, develop social skills, and build self-esteem.  The Y provides this service for over 14,000 children countywide.  We are committed to supporting the professionals who serve these children every day in their professional development and attainment of program quality and inclusivity.   


Community Support Services has come together to serve families across the spectrum from prevention to intervention, from early childhood to early adulthood.  Together we can strengthen families by building parental resilience, creating social connections, building knowledge about child development, providing concrete support in times of need, and promoting social and emotional competence of children.   We are most definitely better together!


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