By: Martha H.

I would like to tell you about a former child who attended my daycare and his story. C started with us in May 2017 at the age of seventeen months. When he started daycare with us he cried every time his mom dropped him off. He was a child who needed a lot of attention. We worked really hard with him and dedicated our time to try and positively change his behavior. He spent 6 months with us before he began to stop crying and started acting calm without fighting.
In December 2017 he went on vacation and did not attend daycare for 3 weeks. When he returned to daycare he was more aggressive than before and cried when we would try and explain anything to him. He wanted all the toys just for him and would argue with the other children at daycare, but my biggest concern was the aggression. He started to hit his mom, his sister, and the staff at daycare. I immediately spoke to Edna, who is one of my childcare coaches, and she brought me resources to work with C; we shared the resources with his parents as well. We started with activities to redirect C in those moments when he had tantrums and aggressive behavior. With his family's support he began to greatly change his behavior in a positive manner.  His mom and everyone at daycare were very happy with the changes we were witnessing.
C is now a 3-year-old child who listens to directions, shares his toys, uses his words to communicate and has many friends at daycare. He likes to help other children especially the youngest, and speaks a lot to express his feelings. I want to express my gratitude towards the programs and my coaches for all the guidance we received and still receive to this day. I greatly appreciate all the people who make this possible all for the sake of the children of the future.