We understand how rewarding, and sometimes challenging it can be providing constant care to a child with special needs. That is one of the reasons why we provide in-home and out-of-home respite care to families in San Diego. Read the story below to see just how impactful having a trustworthy and reliable respite provider can be. To learn more about our Respite Program, click here.

Dear Respite Worker,


You have no idea of the impact you have on the family you serve. You just don’t. Families with special needs come in all shapes and sizes with various issues. What you do is invaluable and cannot be overstated. Like many families with special needs, our family became reclusive. We contained our problems and issues within the walls of our home. Getting the family out of the house was difficult and felt like it was not worth it, so we stayed in.  


We got the kids to school, therapy, and whatever mandatory programs someone had to attend, but that is it. Why? Because we were exhausted. The thought of going to the park or taking a walk often felt too difficult. It was just not worth the effort. We knew it was good for everyone, but the amount of physical and mental exertion it took to get out and stay out, seemed astronomical and not worth the price. So we stayed home and isolated ourselves, yet that only put us in a pickle. 


Home was a place of work with never-ending lists and jobs and projects and routines and issues. It became maddening. We created our own suffocating environment. Even though we knew we made it that way, it was still difficult to change.  


Then a respite worker came into our lives and allowed us to breath. We got a reprieve from the routine. The first time we had a respite worker watch our child, my wife and I sat in our car down the street wondering when our cells were going to ring or the fire department was going to show up. Gradually, we surrendered ourselves to the respite program, consequently life became sweet. We were able to get those little errands done, socialize with others and date! Relationships were formed and strengthened. We were able to provide a respite for others through community service and find fulfilling activities that gave us joy and self-worth. 


We exercised and found hobbies in our once routine lives. We were rested, energized, and ready to take on challenges. Our house of never-ending projects became a home of love and success. A little bit of respite can go a long long way in helping families like ours be successful. And for that, we thank you. 



Rick Daynes 

Proud father of five, three with special needs