Does the phrase "Camp is Cool, Camp is Sweet, Camp is
Cool, yeah, it can't be beat" mean anything to you?

It's not exactly Shakespeare but it is a kind of a big deal round these parts.
All year round Camp is both Cool and Sweet, but no time more so than during the

Every Sunday during the summer, after everyone is settled into their cabins,
the whole camp gets together in our "Legacy Forest". During this time
we talk about Camp and how it has been Cool and Sweet for over 91 years. We talk about great traditions like Campfire, Raggers, Color Chaos and Dippy Bird.

We also recognize our 5 year campers and staff and then we sing some good old
fashioned camp songs - with some open mouth smiles and a whole lot of laughs!!

This "Forest time" helps everyone remember how lucky we are to have
such an amazing place like Camp to come to.

It gets every camper and staff
member into the right frame of mind for the week - a COOL and SWEET one!!

Camp Marston - Cool and Sweet since 1921!!!