The State of California has released important guidance for childcare during COVID19. This new guidance supersedes CCL PIN 20-06. 

These guidelines are reflected in the latest County of San Diego Public Health Order as part of our Countywide guiding document. All providers who follow Title 22 regulations should do their best to adhere to this guidance for the health and safety of the children in their care.





  1. Group Size: New group size guidance is to keep groups “as small as possible.” Because the County of San Diego does not specify a group size in our local Public Health Order, providers following Title 22 child care licensing regulations should follow regular CCL group size requirements. It is important to be conservative and keep group sizes as small as possible within the licensing limits to decrease the potential spread of COVID19.

  2. Group Consistency: It is still important to keep the same groups of children and teachers together throughout the day, and from day to day to the greatest extent possible to decrease the potential spread of COVID19.  As needed, a new teacher can enter the group to provide breaks, and guidance understands that substitute teachers may be necessary for continued operations.  When a new teacher is entering the group it is important to follow strict handwashing procedures, conduct COVID screening protocols daily, and keep the frequency and variety of floaters moving from group to group to a minimum. 
  3. Napping: New guidelines indicate there should be 6 feet of distance between napping children. If this is not possible due to space limitations, providers are encouraged to keep children as far apart as their situation allows, alternating head to toes between children.
  4. Licensing: CCL is now using this guidance as a tool for their technical assistance. If you participate in a tele-visit they will be available to provide TA with the understanding that you are doing your best to follow the guidance.
  5. If your program is funded by CDE, continue to follow CDE guidelines.

YMCA Childcare Resource Service has received written verification from the California Department of Social Services as well as the County Office of Emergency Services and Department of Public Health child care guidance in relation to COVID-19. CCL has been asked to release a clarifying PIN so the entire field receives consistent guidance.