"We start with children at birth and stay with them until they graduate from college."
Geoffrey Canada from the Harlem Children's Zone

The Lincoln High School Area 1 Cluster has plenty of Head Start and Elementary School programs but ZERO middle schools. One of the guiding principles of the Harlem Children's Zone (WATCH VIDEO) is to eliminate any break in the action. Middle school years are critical to high school success and graduation from college.


state of the art Lincoln High School (located two blocks from the
Jackie Robinson Family YMCA), reopened in September of 2007 and is
currently the only high school in San Diego County without a feeder
middle school. Today, students promoted from elementary schools in the Lincoln Cluster are directed to Horace Mann or Memorial Prep. Mann serves as a primary feeder middle school to Crawford High while Memorial does the same for San Diego High.

The master plan to build Lincoln's ninth grade included Gompers and O'Farrell Charter Middle Schools. The outstanding performance at both sites has led to each expanding to grades 6-12 campuses. Their enrollments are booming because parents that can walk their kids to these schools prefer this option over a bus trip to Horace Mann near El Cajon Boulevard. Millennial Tech (located on the same location as Gompers) is a magnet school that does not mandate Lincoln as the only high school option.

Then, there is the bus. It is estimated over 10,000 students are bused to schools north of I-8 daily from the service area of the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA. Those that do, usually start in elementary school and are not returning for middle school (because there is no option) and certainly do not change for high school after years of friendships as a result of the School Choice Programs.

All parents, guardians, students, community members,
educators and others who are interested in the establishment of a
middle school in the Lincoln cluster are invited to attend a very
important community ta
sk force meeting at 6:00pm on Monday, August 9 at Porter Elementary School (GO HERE FOR DETAILS).

A dedicated middle school for Lincoln High is long overdue.