Deep cuts to child care are being proposed in the State Budget. Use your voice to tell legislators how this would affect your business.

In the coming weeks, California lawmakers and Governor Newsom will make critical decisions for next year's state budget. The current public health crisis will have a lasting effect on our economy, and the State is forced to reduce spending across programs.  

Early Care and Education is no exception to these recommended cuts, even though we know our field was already in crisis prior to COVID-19. An immediate and dedicated effort from our community can convince lawmakers to oppose the cuts and prevent a step backwards for our field. 

Here are some ways you can contact California lawmakers and raise your voice in support of investing in child care:


Options to Raise Your Voice to the State 

Stay informed on California’s decisions that impact child care.  

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Tell your story

  • Call and leave a message for one or all of the elected officials below who make decisions about the State’s budget. Share your experience and consider using the talking points below
  • Submit a message electronically.
  • Encourage others to call or send a message to share their stories and experiences about the importance of child care.

Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins 
(916) 651-4039 Sacramento Office
(619) 645-3133 San Diego Office 
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Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber 
(916) 319-2079 Sacramento Office
(619) 531-7913 San Diego Office 
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Senator Holly Mitchell
(916) 651-4030 – Sacramento office
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Senator Richard Roth
(916) 651-4031
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Assmeblymember Phil Ting 
(916) 319-2019
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Assemblymember Kevin McCarty 
(916) 319-2007 Office
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Suggested talking points when calling or writing to offices. 

Hello, my name is _______ . I am a _(type of care provider and role) from (your city). 

  • The State needs to support child care businesses with funding so they can continue to operate and care for children of families who are currently working and those who will return to work in the coming stages of our recovery. Even before this crisis, there was not enough room in child care for every family who needed it. Californians can’t get back to work if the child care they knew and loved is no longer available.  We will close if we do not get financial support.
  • I oppose reducing the Regional Market Rates by 10%. Child care providers who care for the children of families who receive child care subsidy are already paid below the actual cost of care. Coupled with declined enrollment, it is likely that most of us will not survive unless we receive investments from the State. Reducing the rate of pay by 10% for my business would mean_______. That will slow our recovery because many Californians will not be able to return to work without child care.
  • The priorities for the child care portion of the state budget must focus on a secure, supported child care workforce and continued child care subsidies for prioritized families - at-risk, essential workers, children with special needs, and low-income, most of whom are essential workers. We urge our legislators to maintain existing child care subsidy rates to care for children, and ensure the prioritized families remain in care through the end of the next fiscal year. We believe this will help preserve our child care infrastructure for the immediate and long term, while helping our economy get back on its feet again.

Take Local Action

Join the YMCA CRS Resource and Referral Provider Forums next week to participate in a feedback session that will help inform San Diego leaders and join us for a weekly support forum for family child care providers hosted by YMCA Childcare Resource Service. The purpose of this meeting is to offer a supportive environment where family child care providers can connect through sharing ideas and discuss strategies with your peers as you navigate managing your business and caring for children during these challenging times. 

To register for the event, click here and be sure to submit your questions prior to the event in the question box.

If you cannot attend the forum but would like to provide your insight, please contact YMCA Policy Analyst, Courtney Baltiyskyy, at [email protected].