Sometimes amazing stories come our way and they can inspire others! That’s exactly what happened with a member at our Eastlake YMCA, who lost almost 70 pounds through healthy eating and working with one of our personal trainers, Mitch Cadiz.

Armaan Mumtaz’s Story:
When approaching the start of my weight loss journey, it felt a little intimidating, but at that point in my life, it also felt very necessary. A series of orthopedic surgeries from my childhood had greatly affected my physical capabilities, and eventually, rendered me overweight.

This excess weight stuck with me, seeming to be a part of me, but definitely did not help my self-esteem. For a while, I rejected the idea of doing something to change my weight due to a combination of shame, reluctance and a fear of having to put in immense amount of work. During the summer of my freshman year, a mental switch clicked in me when my doctor told me to lose weight or suffer the health-related consequences.

That was when, sort of suddenly, I completely changed my perspective on changing myself. My mentality quickly shifted to one where I was prepared to do whatever it took, no matter how hard or taxing, to rid myself of my excess weight. I began a Medifast diet plan and started working out with my personal trainer, Mitch Cadiz, at the Eastlake YMCA.

By starting these two initiatives at once, I jumpstarted my weight loss and got on track. Things became streamlined and kept progressing. I knew that as long as I did my part, the weight would keep coming off. Additionally, my personal trainer, Mitch, and the YMCA staff could not have been better facilitators and motivators throughout the whole process. They really helped me work hard and keep going. At the end of my journey, I was about 70 pounds lighter.

I can’t say I feel entirely done with my progress. I recognize, as everyone should, that I still have a whole lot of room for improvement and I am excited to see how far I can go. If I have learned any pivotal lesson from losing weight and becoming more fit, it would be this: your attitude and approach directly influence your outcome. Regardless of what you’re doing, entering any journey with optimism and determination will lead to corresponding results. The only way to keep going is to work for it.

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