DominicFlipping, jumping, swinging and vaulting through the air — what could be more fun for a 10-year-old boy? “Gymnastics is my favorite thing,” confirms Dominic Negrin, who recently advanced to level 5 on the gymnastics team at Toby Wells Y. “I immediately liked it because it looked cool and I thought I could learn a lot of new things,” Dominic remembers. And now, more than playing the trumpet, more than practicing jiujitsu, Dominic is devoted to gymnastics, and he wants other kids to try it, too.

“I think gymnastics is good for kids because they can be more flexible and learn tricks,” he explains. “I found out that some kids had an interest, but it was too expensive for their families to afford. So, I asked my mom if I could donate my money.”

Thanks to Dominic’s gift to the Y’s Annual Campaign, several children have benefited. “When I found out that various kids had gotten a chance because of what I did, it made me feel happy. I plan to donate more next year.”

“Dominic is a sweet kid,“ acknowledges his dad, Alex. “This was entirely his thing. We have always discussed at home how lucky our boys are that we can provide what a lot of parents aren’t able to provide; not because they don’t love their kids, but because their money is pooled for other priorities. A lot of times, there isn’t enough left for extra curricular. In typical Dominic fashion, he just opens up and gives. He has a really good soul.”