In this installation of "Somebody's Stuff" we take a look at Sebastian Varela's stuff. This longtime YMCA Camp Surf staff member tells you what you're looking at and what it means to him!

Argentinian tea (pronounced - ma-tey). Warm beverage that you usually share with friends, lots of minerals! Very healthy for you. (learn more...)

These represent my summer! Hat - Mariners is my favorite village. Sunglasses - cannot go outside without them. Beads - proud of all my beads that I earn at camp!

LITTLE BOOM BOX: I need my music... anywhere I go.

OLD CAMP PHOTO: with my best buddy Matias... back in 2002!!! Yes, I'm pretty old... :))

LIFEGUARD SHIRT: One of my first ones Guardavidas/Lifeguard t-shirt from home, I take it everywhere I go, very proud of it!

MY FAVORITE BOOK: It's actually an animal tale! I read it a long time ago and since then it travels with me.

KEY: The key to my parent`s house back home where I grew up... it has lots of sentimental value.

TIKI TAKA GAME!!! This is one of the games that we used to play when I was a kid, and now I have it in my office!!! I challenge you to try it! (found a youtube video of some kids playing this's not in Argentina but it'll give you the idea)

ARGENTINA NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM JERSEY: best looking one :), and it represents Argentinians everywhere in the world.

Sebastian Varela Outdoor Education Unit Leader

Sebas comes to us all the way from Argentina. He first came to Camp Surf in 2001 after earning
his degree as a PE teacher inBahia Blanca, Buenos Aires.Sebas traveled to California for the San Diego Lifeguard Academy andcame to camp with a friend. He volunteered for a week on our waterfront to see what it was all about. To make a long story short, Sebas fell in love with camp! Since then he has managed to spend a lot of time at camp in addition to working in Argentina, Spain, and Costa Rica over the past 11 years. We are excited to finally have him as a full-time coordinator! Sebas loves outdoor activities, playing tennis, swimming, surfing, camping, and he is still passionate about traveling. One of his favorite quotes is “The world is rounded to go around it!” (or something like that!).