– I started wearing them as a joke for the Horse Shows on Fridays, but it sort of has become a thing- my favorite pair is the pair in the picture I have on loan from one of the other wranglers, they are her grandfathers and he wore them in the 50’s.

Bandanna – I have about 50 of them in every color, I started wearing them as a kid a camp and they are so handy for anything, a quick fix for broken horse tack, to wipe your hands, to blow your nose, and my personal favorite to cover up helmet hair in the summer.

Friendship Bracelet – I personally wear mine on my ankles and have about 12 at any given point. People and campers make them for me and they are such an awesome memory of camp, friends, and family all over the world. When they finally break I throw them in the fire and make a wish.

Horse Shoe Belt Buckle – My favorite belt buckle is this horse shoe, our camp farrier made it for me form an actual horse shoe. It is awesome and reminds me of what a special relationship people and horses will always have.

Camp Sweat Shirt – Always with me anywhere I go, Camp Willson is the first camp I ever went to at the age of 10, also the first place I ever rode a horse, and her name was Jewel!! It is the place I will always call home; I love this one the most because when I was finally old enough to be staff I helped to design this sweatshirt. It was my first camp shirt that said staff on the back.

My Half Chaps – I have had this pair since college, they prevent getting sores when I ride, are always handy, and fit over any pants and boots. I keep them in my truck during the year, and hanging in the barn during the summer so I am always ready to go wrangle some ponies.

My Camp Keys – An old camp mentor told me once the bigger your keys are the more likely people are going to return them to you when they borrow them from you. Last year the camp tractor “ate” my keys and the maintenance guys were teasing me about it, so between the two I have been adding to my keys ever since. The lanyards are all gifts from people or places I have been.

Shawn Coner -

Shawn was born in Colorado and raised in Ohio. He started going to Y camps at the age of 10 and had such a great time he never wanted to leave, and really hasn't. After high school, he went to the University of Kentucky and earned a degree in Family Sciences. All the while working with horses and getting to camp as often as possible!! Since college he has worked full time at camp with a few hiatuses to work as the Teen Director for Carnival Cruise Lines, also teaching English to kindergartners in Thailand. He has fallen in love with San Diego and has been here for nearly 3 years. He loves the mountains and horses of Marston and Raintree, all the while still getting to spend his free time on the beach. San Diego has it all, and Shawn never wants to spend a winter in Ohio again!! His favorite quote is "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way". And his way is playing outside all day up in the mountains of Julian, Ca.