Todd Tibbits, our president and CEO, has been on the job for a few weeks now, making his way around the county to get acquainted with the people and programs that make our YMCA special. In between visits to YMCA branches, events, meetings and other president/CEO-type responsibilities, we asked Todd to answer a few informal questions about his work and impressions of life in San Diego.

What was your first job at the Y? When did you know the Y would be your career?

"1992,  as a youth director at the YMCA of Lansing (Michigan). I was a schoolteacher for one year prior to that. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was highly motivated by the YMCA. Teen work has always been my passion; when I saw the impact the Y had on the lives of teens, especially the most marginalized, I knew that this was far more than my occupation; it was my calling."

What are three things you’re loving about San Diego?

  • The ocean
  • Tacos — especially the taco truck at the South Bay Y!
  • It's an hour from my family’s all-time favorite vacation spot – Newport/Laguna

What excites you most about what the Y is doing for San Diegans?

When COVID made so many organizations and businesses say no, our Y said YES! I know we will look back at the past 18 months with pride and affirmation that we responded when the community needed the Y the most. While none of us wishes COVID had happened, I am grateful of how it has allowed us to position ourselves for a transformative future — to be the catalyst to transform lives and communities. Our Y is poised to be a convener and connector to deliver health equity, and youth and teen opportunity throughout our entire region. As I have toured our amazing Y and met our awesome team, I am even more confident that we have the potential to be the model for the entire country of a relevant, impactful and sustainable organization.

What song do you sing along with when sitting in traffic?

If James Taylor or Elton John start playing, game on!