The beauty of San Diego can’t hide the unfortunate fact that there are too many unsheltered and foster youth throughout the County. To combat this reality, the YMCA has teamed up with San Diego Unified School District (link) to create a free academic enrichment program to serve these often forgotten populations. Through this partnership, the Y has been able to provide distance learning support for 42 unsheltered and foster youth at each location. Each day the Y is delivering services ensuring equity to youth who deserve a fair opportunity to thrive. Check out Darlene’s inspiring story below:

Darlene is a 5th grader from Central America. She was drastically behind in her schoolwork and experienced bullying because of her challenges speaking English. She confided in her group leader that it is challenging to complete her schoolwork due to working with her parents after school. Through her participation in the program, Darlene has improved her English and has created a mini support system by developing friends at school. She is regularly completing her homework and expressed gratitude for her group leader who has been instrumental in her success during distance learning.