The Housing Our Youth (HOY) program is an initiative led by the YMCA of San Diego County, the County of San Diego, and six partners/subcontractors throughout San Diego County: San Diego Youth Services, SBCS, North County Lifeline, Urban Street Angels, The San Diego LGBT Community Center, and Home Start. Together these organizations aim to end youth homelessness and give San Diego youth the opportunity to live self-sufficient lives. 


The Challenge

San Diego has youth and young adults experiencing homelessness across the entire region and in all types of communities. San Diego’s broken housing market is forcing young people into desperate situations. Inadequate coordination between providers and across systems means that too often successful outcomes are achieved despite the system – not because of it. African American and Hispanic/Latino youth are experiencing homelessness and risk factors, such as incarceration, at much higher rates than their peers in general. Our solution is to create opportunities for underserved youth to have safe and stable homes where their journey to independence is supported through an accessible, youth-driven ecosystem of care. 


The Population

Transition-age youth (TAY) up to the age of 24 who are currently facing housing instability.


The Approach

Housing Our Youth is a program that provides specialized assistance to young adults up to the age of 24 who are at-risk or experiencing homelessness. The program is designed to intercept youth experiencing homelessness and provide them with immediate housing and wraparound support, while simultaneously searching for more permanent and stable housing options.


What We Offer

  • Housing navigation and placement
  • Case management and mentorship   
  • Personal development workshops
  • Employment and education support
  • Education coordination 
  • Parenting assistance 
  • Basic needs support 


The Benefits

Our goal is to interrupt poverty and provide TAY with an opportunity to experience a financially independent and successful life. We accomplish this goal by first ensuring that the TAY's basic needs are met. This includes providing housing and basic needs assistance. Participants are given access to specialized work-readiness training, education coordination, and entrepreneurial skill-building workshops to equip themselves with tools that will contribute to their successful transition into adulthood. The combination of these services will create a foundation for a TAY to build the life that they want to lead. 


Contact Info:

David Baker 

[email protected]