Our LIT program is the perfect way to develop work experience, boost your resume and have a great summer spent at one of our day camps! We teach young teens how to be leaders through hands-on experiences during our summer camp sessions. For teens looking to build skills and serve others, the LIT program is the perfect fit! Additionally, all hours completed within LIT Placement can be recorded as community service hours.

Check out what parents and staff have to say about how the LIT Program has impacted their lives:

"My daughter was so mad at me for signing her up for LIT camp.  All weekend she told me how mean I was and awful and none of her friends would be there and I don't know how hard it is to make friends... by the end of the FIRST DAY she was begging me to keep her in the camp ALL SUMMER.  She loves it.  I can't say enough awesome about this.  It's given me my fun outgoing daughter back.  Thank you!" - LIT Parent

"The new experience of being an LIT and interacting with the younger campers‚ which he used to be not long ago. Great program. Tim and the other counselors are wonderful." - LIT Parent

"Having been a Leader-In-Training for 4-5 years definitely gave me a head start at learning about responsibility and leadership. This was also an opportunity for me to think of myself as a role model to campers, which is something I take pride in, to this day. I had to be someone the kiddos looked up to which is how I found myself wanting to learn more and how I found myself wanting to be a good leader. I am now a Camp Coordinator who still aspires to be that someone my staff and kiddos can look up to just like when I was a LIT." - LIT Participant

"Being a LIT is what got me to where I am today. Among the many benefits one can get from being a Leader in Training, you get to make mistakes and learn from them early on. Knowing how to learn and handle your mistakes is what will make you a better person in your professional and personal life. And that's what we all trying to be, better people. I grew to be somebody who thinks of others, knows how to turn a negative into a positive and how to enjoy the moments where your influence made an impact on those around you due to the moments and experiences I had from being a LIT." - LIT Participant