One of the most important ways to support children is to ask how their caregivers are doing. We are offering a behavior consultation warm-line to families and child care providers. Through phone-based support, we offer a listening and empathic ear to problem-solve challenges with parenting, support in coping with the current stressors, and guidance in helping children understand what is going on. These brief consultations are free and confidential.


What is Behavior Consultation?


The program helped me go in the right direction for my child so he will have what he needs to be successful in the future.

You may be wondering what Consultation means and why someone would be interested in consultation on behavior. The YMCA of San Diego County Behavior Consultation follows the Georgetown model of Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation. Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation is an evidenced-informed intervention to support children 0-5 with developing socio-emotional skills and to reduce challenging behaviors. Each Consultation program across the United States uses the same principles to ensure fidelity to the model.


What does Behavior Consultation look like at the YMCA of San Diego County?


The Behavior Consultant helped me tremendously and listened. I’m very happy that I contacted YMCA and I got the most amazing person to help me with this whole process with me and my child. Even after we finished with services, the Behavior Consultants still contacts me and gives me updates. I’m very much appreciative and happy with the outcome.

Each of our Behavior Consultants have education in child development and have experience in various specialty areas from special needs, to early childhood education, to certifications in Positive Discipline. We provide Behavior Consultation for all caregivers, childcare providers and teachers in San Diego County who are interested in supporting a child in their care between the ages of 0 to 8 years old. We take time to get to know each family and childcare, preschool and school setting through building relationships, questionnaires, and observations so we can learn about a child’s strengths and needs. We work collaboratively with the adults to create a plan with different strategies that will support the child. We believe that each behavior is a child’s way of communicating. Through the use of the adults’ and child’s strengths, the adults can support the child in skill development based on the recommended strategies which will help to reduce some of the behaviors that feel challenging.


What are some reasons I may be interested in participating in Behavior Consultation?


My child started using a few new words. He expresses himself more now and loves his new school. I noticed less behavioral issues.

These past couple of years have been stressful for everyone. We each respond differently during time of uncertainty. Children’s responses to stress are often in the forms of behaviors. Some of these behaviors may include:

  • Difficulty with transitions
  • Trouble making friends or other social challenges
  • Difficulty managing big emotions leading to tantrums
  • Regressions in behaviors
  • Aggression
  • Difficulty with following directions


Interested in learning more or requesting services?

Visit our webpage or send an email to [email protected]


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