YMCA Community Support Services is proud to serve San Diego both as a service provider, and leader in advocacy for systems-level change. We look forward to the work ahead with the federal administration, as well as our state, and local government officials to help all people realize their fullest potential. 

On Friday, January 8, California Governor Gavin Newsom released his 2021-2022 budget proposal, incorporating $34 billion in budget resiliency. 

Despite extraordinary challenges being faced by the state due to the COVID19 pandemic, the proposal does align with several YMCA Community Support Services (CSS) policy priorities, allowing programs to say focused on bringing meaningful and lasting change with children, youth, and their families by providing a reliable support system. Please see below for a few proposals in the budget we are paying close attention to. 
To view an in-depth summary of the state budget proposal please visit the California budget website

  • $4.6 billion for expanded learning time, including afterschool, summer learning programs, and academic intervention grants to help address learning loss due to the pandemic. 
  • $125.5 million in Pandemic Relief for Child Care Providers and expansion of state supported child care slots.

Also mentions $1 billion for child care pandemic relief funding from the Federal Government, with details forthcoming. 

  • The Golden State Stimulus $600 rapid cash support to increase Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for eligible recipients. 
  • An extension for the state’s eviction moratorium and expediting distribution of California’s $2.6 billion share of the federal rental assistance to assist low-income tenants. 
  • $400 million one-time funding to implement an incentive plan to increase the number of students receiving prevention and early intervention behavior health services through schools. 

We continue to advocate for a youth-specific set aside in funding allocated to address homelessness. 

For more information on our Policy Platform, and to join advocacy activities, please reach out to Director of Advocacy and Strategic Partnership, Courtney Baltiyskyy.