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Do you remember life when you were 14 years old? How did you feel? Did you get along with your parents? Did you have a lot of friends?

Like teens today, you probably had a moment or two that felt particularly challenging. Maybe you were in a fight with your best friend, or you felt like you didn’t fit in, or you just couldn’t see eye to eye with your parents. 

Sometimes, these struggles are just part of growing up. Sometimes, it’s a more pressing mental health issue. Adolescence can be a roller coaster in the best of times, and the challenges we face today put additional stress on youth and families who are spending time at home and may not be able to access important mental health treatments because of stay-at-home orders.

YMCA Oz San Diego responded to that need by quickly transitioning its residential treatment model for teens, ages 12-17, to a range of online services available now. We offer two paths for families to choose from, depending on their needs at this moment.


Full-scale program components to encourage growth and healing for the whole family unit include:

  • Guided family teletherapy sessions
  • Individual teletherapy for each teen
  • Therapeutic group sessions and activities for teens

Scaled counseling services can also help families:

  • Manage the school-day schedule and consolidate activities for an effective distance learning experience
  • Manage anxiety and fear about health and safety concerns
  • Identify family strengths and resilience


We take a holistic look at teen well-being, working with the family to manage conflict, dysfunction, or behavior issues with their teens. Where some services may offer short-term solutions to specific crises, Oz San Diego gives families the tools to navigate emotional storms in the future for long-term benefit. 

Learn more about Oz San Diego or call us at 858-270-8213 to start your journey today!

More about Oz

We are offering flexible, therapeutic teletherapy for youth and their families that is built on our flagship Oz San Diego residential treatment program, currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. Our teletherapy program is appropriate for teens who would benefit from outpatient therapy, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), or Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP).

Oz San Diego’s residential program was recently accredited by CARF, signaling a service provider's commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community. This means our Oz Program has passed an in-depth review and meets CARF guidelines for service and quality.


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