It’s tax season, and an opportunity to put money back into the hands of California’s most vulnerable families through the California Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). This initiative will help families either reduce taxes they have to pay or increase their tax refund. Here at the Y, we are proud to partner with 2-1-1 San Diego and United Way to ensure our members and participants are able to take full advantage of CalEITC if they qualify. 

Watch this video from United Way to help you learn more about CALEITC. 

Learn more about Tax Credits and Deductions HERE.


  • NEW: If you file with an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) or someone in your household has one, you might now qualify for the credit if you otherwise meet eligibility criteria.
  • A worker earning $30,000 or less may qualify for the credit. That's equivalent to a full-time worker earning about $15/hr.
  • Up to an additional $1,000 for qualifying families with young children under 6.
  • Self-employment income may qualify for the credit. Both 1099 filers and cash earners qualify.

Unsure if you are eligible? Contact 2-1-1 San Diego for assistance and help to find out if you or someone you know if eligible for CalEITC.

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The first step is to get started on filing your taxes. More good news, our partners can help with tax preparation services at no cost to you! Visit www.myfreetaxes.org  to get started on tax preparation services on your own or call 2-1-1 to make an appointment with a volunteer tax preparer. 

  1. Volunteer Prepared- Certified tax preparer completes the tax payer’s returns at a tax site.  Some sites operate “virtually”.  Where information is either dropped off or sent electronically, return is completed and electronically sent back. Income less than $57,000
  2. Facilitated Self Prepared- Taxpayer completes their own return with the assistance of a certified tax preparer. Income less than $57,000
  3. Self Prepared- www.myfreetaxes.org. Free for Everyone