The YMCA of San Diego County has been cheering on our Team USA Olympic gymnasts. We’re in awe of their skills, inspired by their stories and amazed by their strength.

On a fundamental level, gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children and adults! Learning coordination skills through gymnastics helps children fine-tune their motor skills and develop a sense of body awareness that will stay with them throughout their lives.


The Y provides gymnasts a path to competition, as well as a path to plain-old fun and fitness. We are proud to have built a program for children at any level of skill and ability. With a focus on open communication with parents and gymnasts, our coaches and staff become more than their titles — they can be a vital support system for our gymnasts.


If your gymnast wants to take their skills to the next level or pursue a collegiate or Olympic career, our competitive team program is ideal. The team environment helps our gymnasts advance physically and mentally as they progress into competitions against other Y’s and private clubs. We strive to create a culture that is based on learning and building confidence, not just building skills.

“The gymnastics program at the YMCA has inspired and motivated me to become a hard-working, focused individual. From watching the older kid’s training pay off with their impressive routines, to witnessing Olympians swing on my home gym’s bar set, the supportive environment was never-ending. The memories I’ve cultivated through the YMCA feel like home.” – Stella Felice, USAG Team gymnastics coach

All team levels are year-round commitments and require evaluations.

  • Girls Competitive Teams (USAG Junior Olympics)
  • Boys Competitive Teams
  • Xcel
  • Power Team Gymnastics


Gymnastics is a great foundation for any sport. Preschoolers learn to balance and skip in our preschool gymnastics programs while older kids can learn a variety of skills in our recreational and specialty classes. We offer a variety of programs based on your child’s interests so your kids, big and small, can build confidence and self-respect while improving their strength and ability!

  • Parkour
  • Tumbling
  • Cirque
  • Homeschool Gymnastics
  • Cheer
  • TNT Gymnastics

We had the pleasure of hosting the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics team at our Toby Wells YMCA gymnasium and Gymnastics Director Ashley Kurth shared this fun memory of the time:

 “So many people came out to watch the Olympians train at our location we had to bring the gymnasts in through the back! Our girls’ team made grip bags for the Olympians to wish them luck.”