At the Y, gymnastics is more than teaching a back tuck or half twist on the balance beam. It is more than putting together floor routines and competing against other clubs. We pride ourselves on creating a culture around and building solid support systems for all our gymnasts. Using a goal-based approach, we focus on individual interests and skills and encourage open communication between the coaches, gymnasts and parents. We believe open and honest conversations are vital to the physical and mental health of everyone participating in our programs. 


“Abigail has been doing gymnastics at the YMCA since she was a toddler. At first, we did it for gross motor development, but as she got older, her love for gymnastics grew. She has always had encouraging and positive coaches. Gymnastics has helped her become motivated to try new things, challenge herself, and gain confidence.”
Sarah O., parent from Cameron YMCA

Sisters Josephine (rear) and Imogine (front) are both part of the Rancho Family YMCA gymnastics program. “Josephine, age8 is on the team, and will begin competing in January. She has been doing gymnastics at the Y since she was tiny, and besides building skills, she has developed a group of friends who have similar interests and values. Over the years, Josephine's confidence and maturity have grown - she's learned to believe in herself, while also supporting her team. She has also developed self-regulation and patience, active listening and respect.

Imogine (4) has watched her sister in the gym and longed to replicate her skills. Like Josephine, she's been doing classes since she was able to start, and is now confidently performing many foundation skills. She has learned that it's fun to try new things, and has the determination to keep trying. She's building self-discipline, and loves expressing her artistic side. For our family, having a trustworthy ’village‘ at the Y is so important and critical to raising happy, healthy, confident and respectful kids.

Linda C.
“My girls have been doing gymnastics at the YMCA for five years now. Not only are they learning gymnastics, they are also learning valuable life skills. They have gained so much confidence and it’s all thanks to their amazing coaches. The friendships they have made along the way are an added bonus. I’m so thankful to the YMCA and everything they have taught my kids.”
Dara H., parent from Rancho YMCA
“The YMCA has been an amazing place for our daughter to gain confidence and make lasting friendships. The gymnastics program is where my daughter Lily spends most of her free time, if she could spend more time with her team and coaches she would. Both my husband and I consider the coaching staff an extension of our family. The gymnastic program is somewhere my daughter can go to do something she loves with an attentive coaching staff that truly cares about the Individuals in the program. There isn't another program that we would consider putting our daughter in. ”
Julie A., parent from Rancho YMCA

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