Now that kids 12 and over are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, you may have some questions. Here is a list of resources we hope you will find helpful in addressing issues that may arise. 


Information for Families

New web pageCOVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teens provides information about the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines for adolescents aged 12 and older, how to find a vaccination provider for adolescents, and what to expect during and after vaccination. 

New fact sheetCOVID-19 Vaccines for Preteens and Teens  is a printable fact sheet for parents that explains the benefits of a COVID-19 vaccine for their children, safety information, and what to expect during and after vaccination. 

New frequently asked questions: Two new FAQs  address questions about the safety and benefits of COVID-19 vaccination for adolescents aged 12 and older. 

New myth-buster about menstrual cycles: Your menstrual cycle cannot be affected by being near someone who received a COVID-19 vaccine. This question and answer explains why. 

Myth-buster about infertility: It is safe for people who would like to have a baby one day to get a COVID-19 vaccine. This question and answer explains why. 

Key things to know: The web pages Key Things to Know about COVID-19 Vaccines and About COVID-19 Vaccines have been updated to include the recommendation that adolescents aged 12 and older get vaccinated. 


Information for Healthcare and Vaccine Providers 

New pediatric toolkit: The Pediatric Healthcare Professionals COVID-19 Vaccination Toolkit provides materials to help healthcare providers give parents clear and accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines. The toolkit includes answers to common questions, an explanation of how mRNA vaccines work, and printable materials to give to parents. 

New FAQs about consent for minorsFAQs have been posted on the Pfizer-BioNTech product page for providers with information about consent,  prescreening questions, and other issues related to the vaccination of minors.   

New sample patient letter: Healthcare providers can customize and send this sample letter to encourage their patients to get a COVID-19 vaccine. It includes the new recommendation that everyone aged 12 and up get a COVID-19 vaccination. 


Information for Community Groups and Health Departments 

Toolkit for community-based organizations: The Community-Based Organizations COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit  has been updated to include information and resources on COVID-19 vaccination for adolescents aged 12 and older.