Having been a member for 23 years, the YMCA has been an important part of Sharon’s life. She raised her kids here and she’s been attending the same group exercise class with the same core people for over 10 years. Despite her many memories here, Sharon’s commitment to the Y isn’t just a part of her history, it’s what helps her secure her future.

Last year, Sharon was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Sharon had already been working out at the Y, focusing on core strength and improving her balance, and her diagnosis didn’t stop her commitment to health and wellness. Sharon’s time at the Y has seen her through great strides and accomplishments, including being cleared from using a cane. Even as her condition progresses, the staff at the Y are working with her one-on-one to continue to find ways to get her the activity and attention she needs.

Sharon believes the Y has played a strong role in her progress in the face of her diagnosis not only by providing opportunities for health and wellness, but also emotional support and stability. She considers those at the Y to be her friends, her community, and cheerleaders on Team Sharon - her group of close supporters who have a vested interest in her success and wellness. Looking back at her time at the Y, Sharon says she’s learned two things: how strong both she and her community are.