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The Ranch House

  • Raintree Ranch main houseOur living room is a real favorite!
  • We have comfortable furniture and large hearth fireplace.
  • Dining is indoors during colder months (capacity 50).
  • During warmer months, Raintree guests enjoy dining outdoors in our cozy courtyard.
  • 6 separate bedrooms to accommodate 44 people.
  • Indoor restrooms/showers.

The Bunkhouse

  • Sleeps 84, is divided into four sleeping rooms and includes indoor bathrooms.


Raintree Ranch bunk houseRaintree Ranch picnic area


Other Facilities

  • A carpeted group meeting space for around 40 adults or 80 kids is available above the horse barn.
  • Small basketball court, Ga Ga pit, ping pong, outdoor fire rings, and outdoor stage with seating.
  • Just a 10-minute hike down to Marston gives you access to activities of canoeing, climbing tower, archery and marksmanship.
  • Overall, Raintree provides a smaller quieter experience in the fall, winter and spring.
  • When Summer Camp comes, 44 horses arrive, transforming Raintree Ranch into one of the finest horse camps anywhere!


Raintree Ranch living roomRaintree Ranch dining hall