San Diego County has received The Quality Counts California (QCC) Workforce Pathways Grant from the California Department of Education (CDE).  This grant is funded to provide stipends to the Early Learning and Care (ELC) workforce that provide care for children 0-5 years of age in a San Diego County child care program that receives state funding (such as Alternative Payment, CSPP, CCTR).  The lead agency for this grant is The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE).  SDCOE will collaborate with YMCA Childcare Resource Service (CRS) to process applications and stipends.

Participants will apply to the program and will self-select either professional development or higher education as their goal area.

  1. Participants that choose professional development and complete program requirements will be eligible to earn one of the following stipends:
    1. $315 for completing 21 professional development hours, or
    2. $240 for completing 16 CCDF Health and Safety Training hours 
  2. Participants that choose higher education and complete program requirements will be eligible to earn one of the following stipends:
    1. $675 per 3 semester-unit course up to 6 units or $600 per 4 quarter-unit course up to 8 quarter units, with a grade of “C” or better (from a regionally accredited college or university) and that is part of their professional development/ growth or education plan.

Participants that choose higher education and receive a stipend for completing units are also eligible to receive an additional:

  • $100 to those who receive an AA within the program year
  • $200 to those who receive a BA within the program year


Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible participants are providers who:

  • Serve children on subsidies in Early Learning and Care Settings, such as center-based programs, family child care, or license-exempt care.
  • Serve children 0-5 years of age.
  • Provide care within San Diego County.
  • Maintain employment with the same program for at least 9 months between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.
  • Complete professional development or college units between July 1, 2020 and June 15, 2021.


Application for Participation

Eligible ELC staff who wish to participate in the Workforce Development Grant will apply directly through the Early Care & Education Workforce Registry website. All information and forms will be made available on the Workforce Registry Website: Log in and click the “Stipends & Pathways” menu option, then select “Application”. The website will guide the process from there.

Application period: The current application period is open through November 15, 2020.

If accepted, candidates will receive an email or letter that provides confirmation of eligibility to engage in the stipend program, as well as their program advisor’s contact information and office hours.

This stipend program requires advisement in the following areas:

  • Professional development/ growth or education plan
  • Professional development offerings
  • Child development permit matrix
  • Financial supports


Stipend Payment

Eligible participants will receive payment of stipend upon completion and submission of all required documents. YMCA CRS will be responsible for the distribution of the stipend payments.

Materials Required for the Workforce Stipend:



Due Date

Employment Verification

May 1, 2021


May 1, 2021

Professional Development/Growth or Education Plan signed off by Advisor

Within 2 weeks of meeting with the Workforce Stipend Advisor

Completion of Pre Survey

Within 2 weeks of meeting with the Workforce Stipend Advisor

Completion of Post Surveys

May 30, 2021

College transcripts showing completion of eligible coursework with a grade “C” or better

 June 15, 2021

Professional growth activity certificates or Registry Participant Education and Training Report

June 15, 2021