At the Y, we invest in helping everyone reach their fullest potential. We offer internships and placement opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a rewarding career in human services. In this program, you’ll apply your experience, knowledge, creativity and energy to build your resume while getting the practice you need to become better behavior care providers. Create a better future for yourself and your neighbors by interning at the YMCA. Hours are flexible, but interns are required to complete a minimum of 16 hours per week for 9-12 months.


The YMCA provides internship opportunities in the following three specialties:

  • Tides (Therapeutic Interventions Designed To Empower Students)
  • Counseling Services
  • Kinship Services


The TIDES (Therapeutic Interventions Designed to Empower Students) program provides counseling services to elementary, middle or high school students at their school sites. TIDES is a MediCal funded program that specializes in the treatment of students with social, emotional or behavioral issues. 

This practicum offers extensive training to assist trainees in the steep learning curve for the administrative responsibilities of their speciality. TIDES program connects trainees with the school personnel by providing opportunities to have regular meetings with school staff, hold collaborative conversations with the client’s teachers and counselors to obtain feedback on progress. 

Counseling Services

We work with our clients to ensure that physiological, emotional and behavioral health needs are met through the appropriate resources. We offer a variety of programs that support individual or family goals.

  • Clinic based, fee-for-service program
  • Professional and welcoming environment (individual, family and play therapy room)
  • Therapeutic work modalities: Individual, couples, family
  • Therapeutic work and interventions are based on Bowen Family System Theory
  • Presenting issues may be: parent/child relationship, parenting, marital, life
  • Transitioning, grief and loss, depression, anxiety

Kinship Program

The YMCA Kinship support provides support services to relative caregivers, “Kinship Caregivers”, who are raising a child of a family member. For most relatives, suddenly becoming a caregiver can be an overwhelming responsibility. The YMCA Kinship support strengthens family systems by offering countywide services to help caregivers preserve the family unit, and avoid the entry or re-entry of children into the foster care system.

The YMCA Kinship Support Program offers internship opportunities for Foundation Year (first year) Master of Social Work students attending accredited programs. Interns with the YMCA Kinship Support Program are responsible for completing mezzo and macro activities and providing case management services to a caseload of up to 15 clients at a time, which involve:

  • Collaboration with Child Welfare Services social workers and staff from other community agencies
  • Client engagement, home visits, intakes and assessments
  • Case Plan Development
  • Hard and electronic file maintenance
  • Information and referral to appropriate resources 
  • Participation in team meetings and individual and group supervision
  • Assistance with support groups and other events

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