CHARGE AHEAD: Strengthening the Community during COVID-19

In the days following the California stay at home order issued to protect us all from COVID-19, YMCA’s Youth and Family Services responded quickly to keep our essential programs fully operational.  We managed to shift in-person services to virtual platforms, keep critical drop-in services functioning with enhanced safety standards, and provided youth facing housing instability immediate access to shelter, safety, and stability. We have, and will remain, here for our community.

We ask that you join us as we charge ahead. We need your help in continuing to meet the emergency needs of San Diego County's most undeer-resourced individuals affected by this global pandemic.



Since 1970, we have consistently provided unique programming that addresses San Diego's most pressing social issues and adapts to its ever-changing communal needs. Each year we provide direct service and support to over 15,000 individuals in the San Diego County community.

Over the last 20 years, YMCA Youth & Family Services programs have supported youth in successfully exiting homelessness and pursuing their goals. The Y’s participants increase their economic stability, educational achievements, and emotional well-being, putting them back on a trajectory toward successful independence. This past year, we have served over 225 youth in housing programs.


staff pulling wagonTHE NEED

Today, we continue to coordinate, deliver, and remain available for clients to access the essential items we all need to shelter at home. We have mobilized staff to collect supplies, creating distribution centers for our most under-resourced clients.  Our housing services remain whole and our residents are safe and supported, and we continue to take new residents. Our shelter clients have been moved to hotels to provide more safe and dignified housing during this time of extreme uncertainty. We remain committed to ensuring that our youth do not have to spend the night on the streets, as they are at higher risk of catching and dying from the virus. The global response to coronavirus outbreaks has been to order people to self-quarantine. Our homeless young people, by definition, have nowhere to go. While many are encouraging those experiencing homelessness, to go to a shelter, we know this is not a safe solution for anyone experiencing housing instability. We must find a better way to protect our young people. Watch a recording of our virtual briefing: YMCA Responds to Covid-19 here or listen to our podcast episode about our COVID-19 response on Spotify.

This is Why We Need You!

We need partners to help us continue to meet the emergency needs of San Diego’s most vulnerable and under-resourced populations. With your support, we can ensure our families have food on the table and our young people have a safe place to sleep at night.

The most impactful, direct way that you and your family can provide support during this season is by donating financially.


$100 Gift covers the cost of groceries for 1 week for a Kinship Family or two youth in our housing programs
$500 Gift covers the cost of 1 young person being temporarily housed in a hotel for almost two weeks
$1000 Gift covers operational costs so that our housing staff can continue to provide safe and stable housing for young people transitioning off the streets or covers the deposit for a young person to move into their own apartment, off the streets and into safety.



The pandemic crisis shines a light on what we have always known – our community is only as strong as its most vulnerable members. Your support is the driving force of hope for our homeless and under-resourced during this time.

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