Do you live with a supportive adult and wish to remain with them? The host family model will provide a safe, stable environment that will support and nurture an existing relationship that you have with a caring, supportive adult. This is a housing program which is designed to support you and your relationship with your chosen HOST in a family like setting.

Program Eligibility

This program is available to current foster youth ages 18-21 (non-minor dependents).

Host families are identified as:

  • A caring and supportive adult who has a pre-existing relationship with the participant
  • An adult committed to supporting the participant in a family like setting
  • A comfortable living environment with certain expectations and oversight of the participant

 Long term and lasting relationships are essential to the success of a non-minor dependent. Through this innovative approach to transitional housing, young people experience stability, live in an environment that mirrors an intact family, increase well-being and avoids the possibility of disruptions in housing.

 Benefits for non-minor dependent

  • $500 monthly stipend
  • Increase independent living skills
  • Support in goal attainment and emotional wellness
  • $50 monthly savings received at exit

Benefits for HOST family

  • $500  monthly stipend to host family
  • Access to program staff 24/7
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Training
  • Crisis Intervention
  • In-home services

Referral Process

  1. Non-minor dependent, host family, and social worker agree that host family is a good fit for youth
  2. Social worker completes county referral and provides potential host information
  3. Potential host family and youth are interviewed by YFS
  4. YFS offers contingent acceptance to participant and potential host
  5. YFS initiates background checks on all adults in the home and certification of residence
  6. Upon receipt of background clearance and approval of home inspection, a final acceptance is offered

For more information about our HOST housing program, email [email protected].