Confidential Staff Communication 

The YMCA of San Diego County encourages open communication. All employees and volunteers are encouraged to report situations they believe to be harmful to our Association including fraud, abuse, policy violations, illegal or unethical conduct or any other misconduct by the organization or its employees/volunteers. Individuals should first alert his or her supervisor or other member of local management. In cases where an employee or volunteer is not comfortable telling his or her supervisor or local management, the employee or volunteer may contact the Confidential Staff Communication email, form or phone number. 

All submissions will remain anonymous.

Please note: The Confidential Staff Communication contact information is not the best or preferred way to resolve employee disputes or complaints, or to deal with issues that do not involve ethical issues like those listed above. Most human resources matters can and should be resolved through our internal processes, beginning with communication between employees and supervisors. The dispute resolution process can be found in the YMCA personnel manual.