YMCA Youth & Family Services (YFS) is a branch of the YMCA of San Diego County devoted to social services. Our unique programming has been addressing San Diego’s most pressing social issues since 1970 and we continue to expand our services to adapt to our community’s needs.

We are focused on bringing about meaningful and lasting change in our youth and families by ensuring they have a safe place to live; by providing them with a reliable support system; by challenging them to pursue their goals; and by connecting them to resources needed to flourish.

YFS now operates a variety of programs throughout San Diego County that combine to serve approximately 15,000 individuals each year. We focus our programs in the following four areas:

Behavioral and Mental Health Services
We work with you to ensure that your physiological, mental and behavioral health needs are being met through a variety of programs that support individual or family goals.

Family Support and Preservation
We are committed to strengthening families and preserving the family unit. We collaborate with San Diego County Child Welfare Services and other community organizations to make sure we are meeting the needs of our families.

Transitional Housing for Young Adults
Our Transitional Housing Department offers a safe and welcoming environment for homeless youth, foster youth and transition age youth to support them in their transition to independence and self-sufficiency. Each of our programs is dedicated to serving young adults in a manner that is knowledgeable and sensitive to their life circumstances. We provide a strengths-based, individualized approach to assist our resident young adults in reaching their personal goals.

Youth and Young Adult Skills Development
Youth and Family Services strives to make a positive impact on the youth we serve. We know that the future of our community relies on them and we want each of our participants to be prepared for a successful and fulfilling life. We empower our youth through workforce development, relational skill building, and leadership opportunities.


“For nearly 50 years, Youth & Family Services has been dedicated to serving youth and families throughout San Diego County.  We are passionate about our mission: to help all people reach their fullest potential through the development of their mind, body and spirit.  This passion is fueled by the committed staff and volunteers who believe the world is changed one person at a time.”





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