If we can regulate our emotions, we are able behave in the ways we want to, giving us ultimate control over our actions and reactions. The ability to manage our emotions is something we have to learn. We are not born with this skill. So, we should always be mindful of our emotions and practice ways to calm them down.  

Through self-awareness and intentional practices, we can gain the ability to regulate our thoughts and feelings, ultimately guiding us towards our goals. 


Try These Activities! 

Feelings Wheel: Use markers or pens to color in the emotions you experience regularly. As you are thinking about your emotions, think about what you would need to improve or move through that feeling. 

Coping Skills Bingo: Engage in a game of coping bingo. Mark the coping skills you'd like to try or use to regulate your emotions. 

What's Needed: 

  • Feelings wheel 
  • Markers/pens 

Then, Ask Yourself: 

How could learning to regulate your feelings help you be a better person, parent, and friend? 

Think about a time when you acted on your emotions and behaved in a way you were not proud of. How could you have used coping skills to better manage that situation? 




Tiana Hopkins (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker with over a decade of experience in the mental health field. She has contributed to large community projects, program development, and significant systems of change. Currently serving as the Positive Youth Development Director at the YMCA of San Diego County, Tiana leverages her expertise to enhance youth programming and support teams in building strong relationships with youth. She prioritizes a connection-first approach, fostering growth and confidence among her colleagues in working with young people.

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