YMCA Overnight Camps: Marston • Surf • Raintree

Summer 2019

Alumni Spotlight

"Tom Madeyski once told me, 'Relationships are the most important
thing - and everything that we do at the Y reinforces that.' That
sentence of wisdom sums up my time at Raintree Ranch much
better than anything I could write myself.

As a staff, you go into every summer thinking about the impact
that you are going to make on the kids whose parents have
entrusted them in your care. What no first year counselor can ever
comprehend is just how much those children will impact YOU. The
same is true of Coordinators with their Staff & Campers, Directors
with Staff and Families, and Executives with everything in-between.

I was so honored to be invited to the Raintree 50th anniversary,
and thankful for the opportunity to see that the Camp Spirit is still
so strong. So long as campers continue to have safe place to be
encouraged to be themselves up in the hills of Julian the magic of
Raintree Ranch is sure to last 50 more.

During my time at Raintree my favorite thing was always to see
the candles get lit on the final night of camp - when the only light
we could see was from the 4 candles representing the Y Core
Values. After we would all light our own candles we’d watch the
light expand farther, cutting through the darkness. As we formed a
triangle we’d begin to see the faces of our camp family, who were
only silhouettes just moments ago.

This is the way that the Camp Spirit is passed on. If each of us
chooses to share just a little of ourselves with others, the light
keeps moving out and enlightening others.

What a tremendous amount of light Raintree Ranch has brought to
me and so many others!

Bring those summers right back to me please!


Bif Buchan (Raintree Ranch Alumni)
Vice President of Youth Development