Intergenerational events and activities offer people of different ages the opportunity to come together and share their talents, experiences, knowledge and skills. Such efforts can provide benefits to all involved and foster life-enhancing growth, understanding and friendship. By bringing together YMCA members from pre-school, teen programs, YAA and beyond, we hope to connect and strengthen our community like never before. 

During the month of July, we hosted our first couple Intergenerational events, including our Tie-Dye Workshop and Cooking Class! 

We had an incredible 37 members show up to our first ever Intergenerational Programming event - a Tie Dye Workshop earlier this month! Led by one of our YAA members, attendees ages 5-88 each were given a lesson and got to make their own tie dye items ranging from t-shirts, to socks, to scrunchies.

Thank you to the County of San Diego Health & Human Service Agency for hosting our first Intergenerational Cooking Class! Attendees ranged from ages 10-77 and worked together to create a healthy dinner for each other. Each pair developed team work to finish a portion of the meal. At the end, we all sat together, enjoyed each other's company, and a tasty meal!

There are two upcoming Intergenerational Activities you won't want to miss out on! 

  • San Diego Natural History Museum Field Trip: Tuesday, August 6
  • Bowling at Aztec Lanes: Wednesday, September 14

Register for Intergenerational programs online here. For more information on our upcoming intergenerational events and to learn more about their benefits, please contact Lauren Holt, Intergenerational Coordinator, at [email protected].