The YMCA branch serving the communities of San Ysidro, South San Diego, and Southwestern Chula Vista announced the arrival of its new executive director this week. Through a press release from the YMCA of San Diego County, Gaby Millan was presented as the new head of the Border View Family YMCA. Millan, who grew up in the nearby community of Del Sol, was selected after the a nationwide talent search.

“My expertise and my heart lie in serving underserved and underrepresented communities,” said Millan. “My time at the Y has allowed me to reflect back on my decision to choose this career path and reinforced my commitment to advocating for families like mine. I hope to continue Border View’s history of community support.”

Millan began her career at the Y during her undergrad days at Cal Poly Pomona, working at the Fullerton YMCA campus in Orange County during after school hours. From there she would later work at the Chula Vista and Eastlake YMCA branches as membership director. She also served as regional director of membership and health and wellness.

Within the branch she now directs, Millan has been in charge of membership and took up an interim tenure as executive director for three months, while the search for someone to fill the position was conducted. Now, in her newly-minted role as executive director, Millan believes that reaching this position is like a way of coming back home.

“I feel that I accomplished my goals,” she said about coming back to her community in a permanent leadership position. “It’s like a circle, what I always wanted was to help families like mine, I always knew it.”

“Gaby’s passionate commitment to the communities served by the Border View Family Y has been evident during her time in the greater San Diego area,” Carolyn Woempner, area vice president for the YMCA of San Diego County, pointed out. “Her ideas to connect with the community will allow us to serve more people in an equal way, strengthening the lives of thousands of children, adults, seniors and families.”