The current challenges our programs have been faced with are the safety and well-being of clients, families, and providers through COVID-19. Families face continuous stress, marital issues, and a lack of self-care for the caregivers.


The Population

Our Respite Program serves San Diego Regional Center clients ages 3 and up. Military Respite serves Active service members in the Navy with children diagnosed in Categories 4 and 5 ages birth through 18 years.


The Approach

YMCA Childcare Resource Service Respite services give families short-term relief from the continual care of their child with developmental disabilities. Respite care allows families the opportunity to:

  • Engage in leisure activities
  • Spend one-on-one time with a spouse or other family members
  • Run Errands
  • Relax


What We Offer

The Respite Unit and Military Respite Care Program offers in-home respite services for families that have a child or adult with a developmental disability. In addition, families have the opportunity to select an out-of-home licensed facility for childcare.


The Benefits

We make it easy for families to use our respite care services by giving families access to a host of resources.

  • Respitrack system allows families to track available respite hours and makes approval easier and faster.
  • The Respite Unit has a secret Facebook group, lets you directly connect with our roster of respite providers.
  • The Respite program conducts annual visits and check-ins with our respite providers to ensure quality service while the Military Respite program conducts quarterly site visits to all families to ensure quality care and provide the necessary resources to providers.
  • We accept referrals for providers (if they meet the qualifications and pass the hiring successfully) so they can start receiving our YMCA perks.
  • Respite Unit and Military Respite Care Families have the ability to individually schedule their appointments directly with their provider based on the approved hours allotted by each funder (Child Care Aware and/or San Diego Regional Center)


Interested in learning more? Visit our Respite page or contact Jennifer Sanchez at [email protected] or Marie Stewart at [email protected].