A Great Place to Learn and Play After School in Escondido

Welcome to Character Builders, the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA's Before and After School Program serving students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 at Miller Elementary School in Escondido.

Character Builders is an affordable way to ensure your child is in a safe, fun, and caring environment after school. Each day includes a new program or activity to help participants learn, build life skills, and develop healthy relationships — including walking field trips, healthy snacks, sports and games, art and music, tutoring, and more!


Registration for the Character Builders program can now be completed and submitted online through our Character Builders registration page. Registration is first come, first served.


Please note: If the participating child requires inhaled medications or an EpiPen, additional documentation is required.

For more information about registration, please check out our Registration Details section below.

Program Scholarships are available to those that qualify — apply for a Scholarship online here.

Information about Miller Elementary

Location and Contact Information

Hours of Operation




2:20 pm — 6:00 pm


2:20 pm — 6:00 pm


2:20 pm — 6:00 pm


1:20 pm — 6:00 pm


2:20 pm — 6:00 pm


About Our Staff

All staff leaders are selected after a thorough interview and background check process and are cleared through the Community Care Licensing office of the State of California. Our staff has units in child development and a desire to be a great role model for your child and demonstrate YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. For questions about the program, hours, eligibility, fees, or other administrative issues please e-mail

Monthly Fees for Character Builders at Miller Elementary School 2021-2022

Fees have been calculated based upon an annualized rate of the total number of program days and divided into 10 equal monthly payments regardless of the number of school days per month of service. Fees cover all minimum days.  As the situation continues to be fluid due to COVID - 19, the Y will contact you 30 days prior to the program start date with enrollment and fee changes and provide credits/refunds if space is not secured.

  • Registration fee is $50 per child for YMCA Members, $100 per child for participants





PM 5 Days

Monday - Friday: 6:30-8:10am | 2:30-6pm
Thursday: 6:30-8:10am | 1:30-6pm





Registration Details

Open Registration

Priority registration begins June 30, 2021. Public registration begins July, 7, 2021.

This program is available only for students from Miller Elementary in Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Registration Fee is $50 per child for YMCA Members, $100 per child for participants

Please allow 2 business days for paperwork and tuition fees to be processed before child care services may begin.

All fees are due in advance of the month of service. Fees are paid by credit card on the 15th or by ATS (bank draft) on the 25th. ATS are deducted monthly from your checking account.

If balances are not paid on time, your child may not participate in the program.

Scholarships are available for those that qualify — apply for a Scholarship online here.

Individual State Forms for Registration

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions about Character Builders or the registration process, please email us at [email protected].

We look forward to speaking with you!