The Economic Impact of Child Care on Businesses

Child care costs and accessibility continue to pose challenges for working families, resulting in significant absenteeism among working parents. Each year, businesses in the U.S. face a staggering loss of $4.4 billion due to child care-related absenteeism, emphasizing the critical need for effective solutions in the workplace (Source: Forbes).


Partner with the YMCA for Child Care Benefits

By partnering with the YMCA, your organization will gain access to a robust child care solution tailored to meet the unique needs of your workforce. We offer a range of benefit options, including free child care navigation, access to an online referral system, assistance in applying for state-funded child care payment aid, and dedicated human support. 


Why Partnering with the YMCA Boosts Your Business

Partnering with the YMCA demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare and overall organizational success, influencing key metrics crucial for success.

Reduce Absenteeism: Access to YMCA's child care benefits significantly reduces employee absenteeism, ensuring a more consistent and productive workforce.

Elevate Employee Morale: Our tailored child care solutions cater to the unique needs of your workforce, not only reducing absenteeism but also elevating employee morale—an essential factor in today's work environment where employee satisfaction is linked to productivity and loyalty.

Enhance Employer Appeal: In a competitive job market where child care influences employment decisions, YMCA's offerings serve as a distinct advantage. A staggering 85% of employers report positive impacts on recruitment efforts by providing child care benefits (Source: ECLC). While only a fraction of employers currently offer on-site or near-site child care, our collaboration bridges this gap, aligning child care options with employee priorities and creating a better workplace atmosphere.

Partnering with the YMCA to offer child care benefits not only addresses current challenges but strategically positions your organization for sustained growth and success. By prioritizing employee well-being, you’re investing in the long-term success of your business. Interested? Let’s talk about how we can work together to transform your workplace into a thriving, supportive environment that values both your employees and your bottom line.


YMCA’s FREE Employer Partnership helps families find care, help them qualify for funding assistance, and helps employers with a dedicated benefit. Visit for more information.  
To get started, contact Gary Mabalot by email at [email protected] or by phone at (619) 418-7737.  



About Us 

YMCA Childcare Resource Service has over 40 years experience working with child care providers in San Diego. Our Employer Sponsored Child Care benefit program leverages those relationships for your employees. Our Employer partners seek to understand their employees needs, locate childcare for their employees and in some cases, help cover the cost of childcare.