As a child care provider, you know how important referrals are to growing your business. We know you have questions about the referral process and what it takes to succeed. Here is essential information you need to make the most of referrals in your child care business.

What are child care referrals and how is your program referred?

Child care referrals from YMCA Childcare Resource Service happen two ways.

Referral Line: We provide a toll-free Referral Line (1-800-481-2151) Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  

When families use the Referral Line they are offered Enhanced Referrals:

  1. Families call the Referral Line and discuss their child care needs with a Referral Advisor.
  2. The Referral Advisor enters the information into the My Child Care Plan database which matches child care programs with the family’s needs.
  3. The Referral Advisor then contacts the matching child care programs to verify that they have space available for the child/children and confirm they meet any other needs of the family.
  4. The family is provided with a list of the programs that match their needs and have availability for the child/children. The family will contact the programs to interview them and make a visit.  The family will then choose the provider that best meets their needs or calls the Referral Line again to obtain more referrals.

Online Search: Our database is available 24/7 online for families to conduct a search of their own. 

  1. Families can search for child care referrals online 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  2. They enter their information and the online system matches providers that meet their requirements.
  3. Families then receive a list of providers which they then call to check availability and matching other needs.  
  4. The family interviews and visits child care programs to find one they would like to use.  If they don’t find one in their initial search they can obtain more referrals online or call the Referral Line to get Enhanced Referrals.

How Can You Get More Referrals?

  1. Keep your profile updated.  Having your vacancies current helps when a Referral Advisor is searching for care or when a family is looking online.  Make sure your profile accurately reflects the ages of child care for, hours and days of operation, and has your correct phone number/email address.
  2. Share with CRS your preferred mode of communication (text, email, phone).   Referral Advisors work to provide families a list of available providers quickly.  In order for your program to be included, you must answer the phone, text, or email.
  3. Claim your profile online here.  You can add photos and more information about your program for online searches on the statewide referral database.
  4. Contact your Provider Supports Advisor to hear what family’s child care requests are, what other providers are currently offering, and what the average cost of care is in your zip code.
Center Name or FCC Last Name Starts WithProvider Support AdvisorPhone NumberEmail Address
A-GOAlexandra Salazar619-584-5336[email protected]
Gr-NAlexandria Nunez Thomas619-584-5137[email protected]
O-ZGary Mabalot619-584-5139[email protected]





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