Mourning the Loss of a Great Man, Bill Walton



"Today, the YMCA of San Diego County mourns the significant loss of Bill Walton, along with many charitable organizations impacted by the legendary athlete, inspirational community leader, donor, volunteer and charismatic motivator. Walton has left an incredible mark on San Diego by being a passionate force for boundless generosity and unwavering determination to inspire those around him. Our Y team is grateful to have had his light shined upon us.

Walton's legacy at the Y is profound. He always took great pride in fostering community, imparting wisdom and inspiring individuals of all ages with his words and actions. Bill was an active member of our Mission Valley YMCA for many years, enjoying aqua therapy regularly, which he attributed to his well-being. Members often recall how his infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude had the power to uplift everyone around him.

In addition to his significant contributions to the community spirit, Bill's unique sense of humor left an indelible mark at the Mission Valley YMCA. A testament to his playful side is the extra-tall showerhead installed within the locker room, complete with a sign per Bill's request, noting the shower being designated for tall people. This quirk brings smiles to the faces of many members and stands as a lasting tribute to his fun-loving nature.

In honor of Bill Walton's memory, we reaffirm our commitment to uphold his values of community service, passion, and empathy for youth development through sports. His legacy will continue to thrive through the countless lives he touched and the positive changes he inspired.  We are deeply grateful to have had Bill as part of our Y family and extend our heartfelt condolences to his entire family and community of friends."

Watch the NBC 7 broadcasting on Bill Walton.

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