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On May 8, 2019, we put together a show highlighting various forms of art by the youth in our programs. This was a unique opportunity for youth to freely share their talents, emotions, cultures, identities, and life stories through art in the presence of supportive connections. Thank you for your support. Below are pictures from the event. 

Check back for more information on the next event!



Permanent Connections helps families establish a lifetime network of support for children and youth who are disconnected from their biological family. Through a variety of services we:

  • Support youth in developing a healthy sense of identity and maintaining connections to important aspects of their culture and community;
  • Enable young adults emerging from care to live safely and productively within their communities
  • Increase connectedness, decrease dependence on the formal service system and enhance family-driven decision making.

Photos from our last event of kids and families having fun

Special thanks to our partners for making this event possible!

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