YMCA Camp Surf

Sioux YMCA Leadership Program

In Collaboration With YMCA of San Diego County

Who Is This Event For?

Leadership campers from YMCA Camp Marston, Surf and Raintree Ranch aged 16-17 yrs old. There are a limited number of spaces (6) for this one of a kind program. The program is run in collaboration with the Sioux YMCA in Dupree, South Dakota.

About the Sioux YMCA

The Sioux YMCA has been in existence on the Cheyenne River Reservation since 1885. As it was back then the goal of the Y is “to teach and encourage the Lakota values of Wawokiye, Ohitika and Wa o’hola (Generosity, Wisdom, Bravery and Respect) as well as the Y values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.” Today the Sioux Y operates out of Dupree, South Dakota. They run a volunteer center and headquarters in Dupree and also have an Overnight Camp, Camp Marrowbone, on the shores of the Cheyenne River. Camp Marrowbone has newly built cabins, a dining hall and everything else a camp needs.

Program Information

Working closely with the Sioux Y, YMCA Camps Marston, Surf and Raintree Ranch, are offering a two-week program on the Cheyenne River Reservation. The group will gather at YMCA Camp Surf for two days to participate in group building, teamwork and cultural awareness training by YMCA of San Diego County and Sioux Y staff. The group will then board a plane, fly to Denver and drive to Dupree. While in Dupree the group will stay at the Sioux Y’s new Volunteer Center where they will participate in workshops led by local Lakota artists and presenters as well as Sioux Y staff members. During this time the group will also participate in community projects in Dupree.

Week two will be spent at YMCA Camp Marrowbone. During this time participants will be assisting with the Sioux Y’s Overnight Camp program – singing songs, playing games, team building and general camp silliness with kids from the local communities on the Cheyenne River Reservation. All food and lodging will be provided to the group by the Sioux Y during the two-week program.

Upon completion of the week at Camp Marrowbone the group will farewell new friends at the Sioux Y and head back to Denver where they will catch a plane to San Diego. That night and the following day will be spent at YMCA Camp Surf. During this time the team will debrief the trip and create a presentation for family, board members, and other staff later in the summer. The trip will end with a Family meal at YMCA Camp Surf at 2:00 PM.

COST: Including flights, van rental, Sioux Y charges and everything else: $2200
Limited scholarships are available.

Contact Us to Register or Learn More

Contact Simon Hansen via email at [email protected] or by phone (760) 765-0642.