YMCA Camp Marston

YMCA Camp Marston's 100th Anniversary

What a Wonderful Celebration!

Over 200 guests, friends and alumni joined us on Saturday, August 28th. Everywhere we turned there were heart-warming reunions from the 60s, 70s and all the way up to recent times. Congratulations to Ed Greaves, Terry Bucknum and Simon Hansen for receiving the inaugural Marston Legacy Awards. Great lunch provided by Kim and the kitchen crew, showcasing the new Marston Dining Hall. The Archive Center was a big hit, thousands of photos that brought back floods of memories.


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Celebrate our founding in 1921 by making a donation and joining the Marston Century Club! Includes a commemorative coffee mug

Your contribution will help support Camp Marston's 100th Anniversary and our efforts to provide positive life-changing experiences in the outdoors for the NEXT 100 years!


Thank you to the Marston Alumni that have made gifts to the Centennial celebration:

Marston Founders Society:

Craig Tyndall
Ed & Ginger Greaves
Tom Lafleur
Tom & Dobbie Madeyski
Zay, Mark & Keaton Thompson

Century Club:

Loena Baranoski
Tom & Carlotta Berrian
Claire Borja
Anita Branch
Terry Bucknum
John Courduff
Tom Davis
Ric Davy
Gillian Denham-Jones
Chris Hagstrom
Kymm & Simon Hansen
Michelle Horning
John Jarvis
Jaak Karp
Alicia Loewenthal
Linda Long
Jacqueline Lopez
Ian & Emma McCrohan
Esther McKee
Tom & Laura Morton
Laura Pauli
Ralph Perez
Kasey SuperStar
Nancy Walters
Steve Wilmont


Elijah Bonde
Diana Cheeks
Ryan Pringle
Nancy Walters 

Marston 100th Committee:

Loena Baranoski
Tom Berrian
Terry Bucknum
Corey Bruins
Tom Davis
Diana Flores
Chris Hagstrom
Simon Hansen
Michelle Horning
Sophia Johnson
Dobbie Madeyski
Tom Madeyski
Tom Morton
Laura Morton
Vince Reseigne
Kevin Swed
Jeff Wohler